Questions by Gottfried Specht2015-03-01
USB error 1153 when connecting Sony MRW-E80 XQD card reader
When connecting a Sony MRW-E80 XQD card Reader with a XQD Card inserted, I get an "USB error 1153" (after "checking"). The Card is FAT32-formatted.

What does this mean?
What can I do to Transfer the Card Content?

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Answer by Gottfried Specht2015-03-01
I forgot: This is for my ND2901
Answer by NEXTODI2015-03-02
ND2901 doesn't support XQD memory.
XQD memey is based on 4K sectors, but ND2901 only supports 512byte sectors.

please use NVS or NSB series for XQD.

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