Questions by Tobias2015-01-19
ND2700 compatibility with exFAT // 32+GB SD cards

I am aware Nexto extreme ND2700 at present does not seem to support SD cards with more than 32 GB capacity due to exFAT formatting. As changing the formatting of the SD card to FAT 32 does not seem to be easy (not supported by Windows, not by Canon, just dubious weblinks and tools available), is there any plan for a firmware update for ND2700? - I would be strongly disappointed if I had to buy a new ND device just for this reason... Or are there any other solutions?

Thanks in advance,

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Answer by NextoDI2015-01-19
Dear Tobias

ND2700 doesn't support exFAT file system.
exFAT file system is the latest File system for removal media developed by microsoft.

it is difficult to support exFAT file system for ND2700 caused by H/W.

for SDXC memory, we recommend you to use ND2901.

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