Questions by PY2015-01-10
ND2901 SD Card Speed

I just bought a ND2901 and found that the average copy speed of my 2 SD cards is about 15 MB/s which is much lower than the advertised 40 MB/s.

The first card is a Sandisk Extreme Pro 95 MB/s SDXC, and the second one is a Sandisk Extreme 60 MB/s SDCX. I tested both cards can read at their rated speed when using a Macbook Air.

The strange part is that when I copy the 2 SD cards using a SD-to-CF converter, the speed is raised to 25 MB/s. The converter specification states 25 MB/s is the fastest speed it can do, so the bottleneck is on the converter and not the card. But it is still much faster than using the plain SD card.

I am wondering if my ND2901 is faulty or not. Can someone please give me some advice? Thanks.

- PY

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Answer by Stephan2015-01-15
I've seen speeds of around 25MB/s on my ND2901 using Sandisk Extreme Pro SDHC 95MB/s cards (16 and 32 GB).
Answer by Stephan2015-01-22
Could anyone from NextoDI please indicate which SD cards actually do get to a download speed of 40MB/s?
Answer by NextoDI2015-01-22
ND2901 provides max. 40 MB/s for SD memory card.
but in reality, the speed rate could be slow caused by other things, like file system or each file size..etc.

normally, for recorded images from DSLR it could be 20~35 MB/s

Best regards
Answer by stephan2015-01-24
thanks for the clarification
Answer by eb-12015-04-24
I am getting about 36 MB/sec. from the SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB card. I don't have the 64GB card to test. Can anyone else confirm that it is very slow as mentioned above?


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