Questions by Ronan Quinn2014-12-31
Files not being founfd on transfer
I have been seeing a problem recently where the transfer from my nexto device to PC stops and it says "Could not find this item. This item is no longer located in................ . Verfiy items location and try again. "
And this is for around 364 files!
When i do a copy and verify to the device i gt no errors and i can tell you the files are there.
I am using the Nexto NVS2501 .

This fault is rendering the unit useless as i can't transfer files to PC that i have already put on the nexto on a job.
In the end i am having to transfer all cards individually to my PC.

I have tried a full format. At the moment i am running a full HDD check.
Have you any ideas why it can't find the files?

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Answer by NextoDI2015-01-06
I think,
1. Bad sectors of internal hard drive.
2. defective file system of internal hard drive.

for these,
1. please check the internal hard drive using Full TEST function.
if it has bad sectors, we recommend you to replace the internal hard drive.
2. did you already format it? if so, we can't check it about file system.

first, you should check the internal HDD if it has bad sectors.

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