Questions by giuseppevoci2014-11-25
NEXTODI 2901 & Yosemite
Hi, my nextodi 2901 (with firmware 1:03) is not recognized by the operating system OS Yosemite. How can I do? Thanks!

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Answer by NextoDI2014-11-26
Does it work with another PC?
we haven't yet tested ND2901 with Mac OS Yosemite.
I will test it and let you know it.

Best regards
Answer by giuseppevoci@me.com2014-11-26
Yes work with previous Os system
Answer by giuseppevoci@me.com2014-12-02
Hi, Do you have some news?
Answer by NextoDI2014-12-11
We are so sorry but It will be delayed.
We have plan the test for ND2901 with Mac OS Yosemite.
We will tell you a good news as soon.
Answer by follicle12@yahoo.com2014-12-24
no news on this yet?? Next di is not being recognised by OS 10.10.1 - it is asking if I want to initialise - when I try this I am being told it will take 3 hours - there is no date on the drive - I have only done a very simple test to see if the drive was working (that was on Mavericks) and it worked no problem....
Answer by follicle12@yahoo.com2015-01-05
no response to this issue still - I am strangely having NO trouble on my mac desktop (with the same OS ie. 10.10.1 but when I insert the Nexto Di into the laptop I get the error code "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer" I have bought this unit for a particular travel to Antarctica and need this issue resolved - please answer this issue....
Answer by cwsohn2015-01-06
Mine(ND2901, Firmware 1.0.3) is works file with OS X 10.10,1(MacBook Pro, Mid 2009).
Answer by follicle12@yahoo.com2015-01-12
very strange - I have recently upgraded my (also mid-2009 MBP) to a SSD and then upgraded to Mavericks and have now hit on this problem....could it perhaps be the SSD - seems unlikely surely? Would be wonderful if the folks who make Nexto bothered to respond to these boards (I've sent an unanswered email to their support too!!!)
Answer by NextoDI2015-01-12
we update our Mac as Mac OS 10.10.1
and we checked that ND2901 works with Mac OS 10.10.1 via both USB2.0 and USB3.0

we tested it with Mac Book Air/A1466.
Answer by barryfm2015-04-07
It could be the SSD. I use a Win based system, but there is documentation stating that the initial power requirement of SSD in the ND2901 drains the internal battery. This could be what is causing the issue - I had a message that our deck couldn't find the ND2901 when I had a SSD in ours but all went well when I but a WD 1TB HDD into the Nexto

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