Questions by Zoe2014-11-20
NEXTODI won't back up simultaneously
My Nexto won't back up from a CF onto it's internal drive and external drive simultaneously. Not sure why. Any help would be great.

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Answer by guest2014-11-25
to help you, tell us which model of nexto you own?
Answer by zoe2014-11-26
Nexto DI nvs2501
Answer by NextoDI2014-11-26
please check if the CF pins are bent, or not.
if so, it needs to be exchanged.
you can contact local distributor to get help.
Answer by zoe2014-12-02
They are not bent. The Nexto backs up CF cards to itself fine. It will not back up to the external hard drive at the same time. I have to do separate data transfers.
Answer by NextoDI2014-12-03
so, you mean,
1. you can copy from CF to the internal HDD of NVS2501.
2. but you can't copy from CF to both internal & external HDD.
3. you can copy from internal HDD to external HDD.

is it right?
if so, the unit seems to be needed repairing.
please contact the seller for RMA.

Best regards
Answer by guest2015-03-13
Did you plugged in 12v switching adapter or Nexto external battery(sold separately ) to your NVS2501??

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