Questions by Martin2014-10-02
Can't turn on NEXTODI 2730

I have a 2730 that had battery problems already a year ago.
Battery had a leak at this time and I just took it off and was able to use the 2730 while plugged into wall charger. Bought new battery, problem fixed.

NOW, I haven't used my 2730 for around 6 months and it doesn't turn on anymore.
No matter if it's plugged in via USB or wall charger. The red light turns on, but that's all, definitely can't turn it on.

Took out the battery like last time, but didn't change the situation.

Any help or hints, as I don't want to buy another battery for nothing, cause it doesn't seem to be the problem.



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Answer by NextoDI2014-10-06
if you don't use it for long time, the internal battery is totally flatted.
so you have to charge Nexto device at least once a month.

but it has to work with wall charger.

the unit seems to be needed repairing.

please contact the seller for RMA.
Answer by NextoDI2014-10-23
If the battery became totaly flat, you need to wait about 6 hours for full charge. Then try again.
And you need to check your power adapter is correct one.
ND2730 is using 12V power adapter.

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