Questions by Petr2007-08-14
date on folders
I have one "bug".
I changed firmware to latest.
I used ND2300 with cable direct to Canon S3IS.
Normally ND2300 created folder win name like 20070712 ...
But now the year in folder was changed to 2055 !!
Folders are now like 20550801 ... but files are ok inside the folder,right date's info.
Do you knouw where is problem?
I think,that date inside ND2300 is wrong now. But I don't know how can I change it.

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Answer by NextoDI2007-08-14
Nexto Series will copy the exact structure and files from the memory card inserted. It doesn't have the internal timer mechanism.

You'd better check the time-setting of your camera.
Answer by Petr2007-08-20
Yes, I found one corrupted AVI file on SD card. Canon S3IS didn't erase it. After format SD card it is OK now.
It was made when baterry falled down in S3is during taking video.

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