Questions by Vince2014-09-19
Problem formatting in ExFat

I can't format my nextodi 2501 in ExFat format, i can only do it in Fat32.

Do you know why?

Thank you!

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Answer by NextoDI2014-09-23
supporting fully exFAT file system is in our Plan,
in the future, NVS2501 supports exFAT file system for internal HDD.

Best regards
Answer by Guest2014-11-26
NextoDi, are you 100% sure of it? I've been told different stories.
Answer by NextoDI2014-11-26
we are sorry for delay supporting exFAT file system fully.
I can't tell you when the new firmware will be released,
but I am sure that the project is included in our plan.
Answer by Sonix2015-08-02
What's about the announced exFAT update for the NVS1501 unit.

"Supports SDXC
The NVS1501 supports exFAT file system used in SDXC.
(Support for file size larger than 4GB shall be done later by free firmware upgrade (by 2012 Q4))"

Please give us good news!

Answer by NextoDI2015-08-03
We are sorry for this delay.
we will try to release good news for this issue
Answer by Tracy2017-02-21
Is there an update on the exFAT support for the NVS1501? We're in 2017 now.
Answer by Mike2017-10-08
I payed over $1,000 for My NVS1501 it was advertised that is supports exFAT.. When I go to format my drive exFAT option is locked out... This equipment is useless since I need exFAT support... Extremely disappointed

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