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ND2901 OTG Support
From the product description:

[ND2901 is equipped with a “USB HOST IN” that supports External hard drives and Memory card readers. You can SYNC the ND2901’s internally stored data to the External hard drive, if the External hard drive capacity is larger than 128GB. If the External hard drive capacity is less than 128GB, then the drive will function as a memory card has been inserted into the ND2901.]

Does that mean a 128GB CFast card (actually about 119GB) in an external USB 3.0 reader could be downloaded to the Nexto? Also, is the full download speed ~70MB/sec. achievable with an external reader?


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Answer by guest2014-09-08
My nd-2901 has a usb 2.0 host Not Usb 3.0.
Answer by NextoDI2014-09-10
you can download DATA from Cfast to Nexto using CFast redaer.
but the back-up speed will be ~25MB/s.

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