Questions by Manuel2014-07-29
Rebuild 2730 after firmware update.

Yesterday I did the firmware upgrade from 1.13 to the last 2.01

I put the .BIN into the internal HDD, plug the ND2730 to the AC Power and do the FW Update.

The screens shows "Update done" and I rebooted the unit.

The unit doesn't load any firmware and It seems the firmware wasn't correctly applied. After a few seconds the unit power off.
Any message on screen, nothing.

I've seen in other post you send a customer the way to rebuild the unit.

Could you help me to reinstall/rebuild the firmware again?


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Answer by NextoDI2014-07-30
Did you remove the internal hard drive?
when firmware upgrading, at first the firmware is written to internal hard drive and than next turning up, it is written to ND2730.

if you removed the hard drive, please insert it and then try turning it on again.
Answer by Manuel2014-07-30

No I didn't remove anything. Just plugged the unit into AC, put the NEXTOPS.BIN in the harddisk and do the FW Update.

After that, the unit powered off and on power on, the unit makes a noise for about 6 secs and then powered off again.

Reading another user with the same problem, yesterday I plugged the HD into the computer and there isn't the .BIN or temporary files on the HD so there is anything to upgrade.

How can I restore the unit? I need it for my vacances...
Answer by NextoDI2014-07-30
Please let me know your email- address.
I will contact you to help you.

Best regards
Answer by Manuel2014-07-30
Hello Woon, you can write me to


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