Questions by Ashley2014-07-17
Mac Ejects Nexto during transfer of images
I have two issues:

- Ever since I switched to Mac from my PC, I can only import the images from the Nexto to my computer if the Nexto is plugged into the battery. Almost every import, it will eject itself automatically after a little while. So I have to keep an eye on it and only import one card at a time.

- Yesterday, I was only able to import 3.5 GB of data from the Nexto folder at a time instead of the full 16 GB (I use 16 GB mcs). It would only pull 3.5 gigs and then stop. It would also show that it was transferring only 3.5 gigs. This is SUPER time consuming to transfer over 3.5 gigs per card! Any way to fix this?

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Answer by NextoDI2014-07-23
I guess that the internal HDD of Nexto could have Bad Blocks.
please run TEST it.

if it has some bad blacks, you should replace the internal HDD.

Thank you.
Answer by Guest2014-07-25
I use MBP and MBA. and had no problems with Nexto ND and NVS at all.
Since you did not give your Nexto model and which of the interface you're using, I cannot share in details of my experience.

I think (1) Your computer port (whatever it is i.e. USB, FW ) does not provide sufficient power to operate Nexto device. In this case, requires to plugging in external battery or PSU all the time. (2) Your Nexto device might suffering from bad (or damaged) connection (USB or FW) port, if doubt contact the dealer and ask for help. Hope this information helps

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