Questions by Janos2014-07-09
ND 2730 copy speed
Dear Support!

I use Canon 6D and 7D bodies for my work. I use Sandisk Extreme Pro 160MB/s cards (CF in the 7D, SDHC in the 6D). The backup speed of CF cards is awesome (85MB/s), but the speed of the SDHC cards only 13MB/s. It is possible fastest backup with SDHC cards?

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Answer by Janos2014-07-09
I know that the specification is maximum 14MB/s for SDHC cards, but if I use CF card adapter with the SDHC cards, can I reach faster speed?

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Answer by NextoDI2014-07-10
we don't supports CF to SD adapter.
we have tested with some of adapters, but they don't work.

the new product, ND2901 has Maximum 40MB/s with SDXC(UHS supported.)

Thank you.
Answer by Jano2014-07-10
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