Questions by Meinte Schelvis2014-05-08
Do HDD's have to be formatted in computers first?
I've been struggling to get my ND2730 to work, as I mentioned in my previous write-in (titled "ND2730 just absolutely does NOT work") and I still don't know what's causing it, exactly. But I've been wondering: could it be that my HDD's have to be formatted in a computer before I put them in my ND2730?

I've since returned those HDD's, so I can't check right now, but when I originally tried it I used the HDD's freshly bought, with no prior formatting done. I expected the ND2730's own formatting to be enough, but maybe it needs prior formatting on top of that? If anybody knows, please help me out.

The serial number for my is (if I'm not mistaken) NPS1111100427.

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Answer by NextoDI2014-05-12
You don't need previous formatting to use ND2730.
the own formatting is enough.
Answer by NextoDI2014-05-13
The unit is produced 3 years ago.
If ND2730 says format drive, you can cancel it.
Then you can connec to computer at the 'X-copy Not Available' LCD screen.
If the unit still not detected by computer, that is HW problem of ND2730. Need service or replace.
When you connected to computer, check the NextoPS folder and erase the 'Setup.log' file then try again.

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