Questions by TECHER2014-04-01
ND2370 - Replace HDD by SSD : Estimated Performance
I have a new ND2370 with 1To Toshiba HDD and LEXAR 1000x CF (110Mb/s read).

With the HDD, the speed between CF and ND2370 is 84mb/s. If i replace the HDD by a Samsung SSD, can i have a better speed ? higher than 100mb/s ? (Ideal 110Mb/s, the max of my CF)

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Answer by NextoDI2014-04-15
The maximum CF I/F speed of ND2730 is UDMA5.
So the theoretical maximum is 100MB/s.
Considering the protocol overhead, 84MB/s may be already the best performance for ND2730.
So if you want to use SSD for the safety from physical shock, then it is reasonable using SSD. But if you use SSD for the speed, may be no much difference with the HDD.

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