Questions by Meinte Schelvis2014-03-29
ND2730 just absolutely does NOT work.
My new ND2730 is currently at version 1.05 and it does pretty much nothing that it's supposed to. I've tried to copy data from 3 different cards (2 SD, 1 CF) and with every single one I've got error messages (No: 20B0, No2: 2084).

I've tried updating the firmware using those same cards, but the ND2730 claims there's no valid firmware on them. I've tried connecting the ND2730 to both a Windows Vista PC as well as an iMac, and neither one could read/recognize the HDD, meaning I couldn't put the firmware update into the root directory of the ND2730's HDD.

Also, every single time I turn on the ND2730 it claims there is a format error with the HDD and asks me to format it again. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Initially I thought the problem was with my HDD (1TB Western Digital Notebook HDD WD10JPVX) but I completed a full HDD Self-Test on the ND2730, and it claimed there were no problems or bad sectors. Just to be sure, I returned that HDD and had it replaced with an identical one to see if maybe that would fix it. And ran a Full Self-Test again. The problems have persisted.

So I now have an ND2730 that can't copy data, has to be re-formatted every time I turn it on, doesn't recognize firmware updates on external devices even when they're downloaded from this very site and can't have its firmware updated using computers because it isn't recognized by any computers.

In other words: I have a goddamn paperweight.

I've tried looking for answers and solutions in your FAQ and Q/A sections, and have not found anything helpful. Please provide either clear, effective instructions for solving this, or else I will return the ND2730 and take my business elsewhere.

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Answer by NextoDI2014-03-31
usually the error is happened with defective internal HDD.
the Self test only check whether the HDD has bad blocks or not.

if you have another HDD, please replace and test it again.

and please let me know the serial number.
I will check any solution to help you.

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