Questions by Matthew2014-03-19
Replacement batteries for 2730

I live in the UK and purchased my ND2730 from Ex-Pro.

Unfortunately the device I was sent was faulty, so they replaced it. But then the replacement device had a battery that lasts a very short time (after a full charge, the battery runs down within 5 minutes, sometimes not long enough to copy 1 CF card).

I contacted the supplier, but they never responded to me.

Please tell me where I can buy spare battery (internal AND external) so that I can get better results

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Answer by NextoDI2014-03-24
Please contact a distributor in UK

Thank you.
Answer by KIM2014-03-25
Dear, Mat Smith

Thanks for emailing us.
We have looked up our database, but we couldn't validate your serial number. It means whoever supplied the ND to you, they imported ND to UK from elsewhere.

We can only give support for those people who bought the Nexto devices from one of our Authorised UK Retailers.
This statement can be read here, under CONSUMER WARNING section.

We advise you to contact the merchant directly for sales, service, and warranty issues. In particular, Nexto DI UK will not be responsible for product or equipment returns. You will have to contact the merchant directly to make such arrangements.

or you can order the batteries from NextoDi("Manufacturer"),

We apologise for not being able to supporting you further,.

Kind regards,

General support
Nexto Di UK Ltd - An Official UK Importer
Answer by Matthew2014-03-26
Right so I understand I can't get the batteries from the UK dealer even though I'm in the UK.

Well I ordered them online, but didn't receive an order confirmation.

I paid using PayPal, but then emailed the PayPal email address and the email was returned failed delivery?!

Such a huge hassle. Really not impressed!

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