Questions by Edmond Dantes2014-03-06
Erasing data from CF/SD card after backup
Hi Support,

I own a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC), and the ND2730 is a neat solution for backing up the cards when I a on a shoot outside.
You might know that the camera does not support formatting the card - hence my question: can we erase the data from the SD card once it has been backed up on the ND2730?
Perhaps this is not a "native" feature of the ND2730, but after reading the user guide, I might found a way to do it: backing up one time, and then trying a second time. The second time, the ND2730 will (would?) ask to delete the duplicate files on the card, which provides the same result of formatting the card. Can this work?


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Answer by NextoDI2014-03-11
ND2730 support erasing Memory card.
But it needs some conditions for erasing.

first, the all data of Memory card have to be stored in Nexto Unit.
if you satisfy this condition, Nexto shows a delete menue "del" instead of "Copy".

Thank you.

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