Questions by Ian2014-02-18
ND2730 - USB issue
The ND2730 is charged and I connect it to my computer using a powered USB 3.0 port. With it connected to the laptop when I switch on the ND2730 it comes up with a message - "Connect Power Adaptor - Battery becomes discharged ..."
I thought that with the USB connector the ND2730 took power through the USB port and would not need the power adaptor to be connected?
Is this a problem with this unit or is this message correct? I really need to be able to run the ND2730 without the power adaptor if I am away from home.

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Answer by NextoDI2014-02-20
the message is always shown when it connected USB connection.

USB Power doesn't support enough power to USB Device.
so ND2730 has to use both USB power and the internal Battery.

if it has full battery charged, you can use it more 10 hours.
you don't need to connect AC adapter.

but the battery is flat, we recommend you to connect AC adapter.

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