Questions by Bjoern Buechel2014-01-27
NVS 2825 USB3.0 with more than 2 TB

we just have purchased a NVS 2825 (FW 1.21).

For using MCopy we bought an external 3 TB WD Harddrive. When we try to format it with the Nexto we get an unexpected USB error.
When we format it with windows (exfat) the error comes up while copying. Neither mcopy nor synchronize works.

The data sheet tells me that drives with more than 2 TB capacity are supported with exfat. What can I do?

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Answer by Bjoern Buechel2014-01-27
By the way, when we connect with an USB 2.0 cable it works.
Answer by NextoDI2014-01-29
I send you an email..
But if it works with 2.0 cable, USB3.0 connection could be unstable.

Can you test it with another USB3.0 cable,
and please let me know which external HDD.

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