Questions by Dirk Andrew2013-12-13
ND2700: Syntax / format error
Since yesterday my Nexto ND2700 gives me the following failure in windows when opening a folder: ‘The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect’. The message on the LCD screen says that I need to format the drive. This means that I am going to lose all my photos. Unfortunately I don’t have any back up off all my photos. I use this image tank as a back up on my world trip.
When opening the HD in windows explorer it gives weird symbols instead of the original filename.
Is there anyone who can advice me what to do in order to save my data?
Many thanks!
Dirk Vugts

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Answer by NextoDI2013-12-16
the internal HDD could be damaged physically,
or file system of the HDD is lost.

If you can contact a company works for DATA recovery, you can recovery your data with charging.

of you can try to recovery your data by yourself using DATA recovery utilities.

I am sorry not to give a help.
Answer by Barry reid2014-03-23
No this is not the problem. I cannot view after downloaded.

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