Questions by John Nugent2013-12-05
Not Recognized for Driver
Win 7 64 bit. Windows cannot select the correct driver when connected with usb 2 .Its is recognized in the devices and printers section as a ND2730 .But unable to select a driver for it to work. I Have tried it on 2 other computers. Both lap tops running Win 7 32 bit and Win 7 64 bit and it works fine. I can see the NECTOPS folder in the computer section. Is my computer missing the relevant driver and if so. How do I install one if there isn't a separate one made for the Win 7 Operating System. Only for Win98 ! Please advise asap. Thanks from John

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Answer by NextoDI2013-12-06
you don't need any driver install for connecting ND2730 to PC.
please update Windows if it has any update patches.

please use another USB port Back-side.
or use another USB cable.

Thank you.

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