Questions by formisc2007-08-06
xcopy fail code:0x0008
Hi,I use ND2300 with ver.1.23,SanDisk ultraII 512MB,NikonD200.
My ND2300 fails xcopy everytime and display the message above!!
Tell me how to resolve the problem pls..

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Answer by NextoDI2007-08-07
There may be a certain bad sector in your CF card or HDD.
Check the bad sector and try it again
Answer by formisc2007-08-08
I checked HDD by checkdisk and found nothing bad sector.
I tried to xcopy but error occured again.
I don't know how to check bad sectors in my CF card. Could you tell me how to do it?
Answer by NextoDI2007-08-09
You'd better try as below

1. Check the firmware version whether it is newest one or not.
if not newest, update firmware and try again
2. if not work, format the CF
3. Clean the CF by using memory card cleaning S/W such as [card wiper]
4. If you can't get this S/W, email us

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