Questions by Andrew2013-08-18
NextoDI ND2730. exFAT support

I've bought NextoDI ND2730 for copying video files from my Canon 5D mark III with CF cards. I have this cards formatted in exFAT to be able to shoot video files bigger than 4GB. But I cannot copy this files onto ND2730 since it's HDD has FAT32 system. And I cannot format the HDD of ND2730 to exFAT since it doesn't work with exFAT formatted HDDs.

Is there a chance that a new firmware will be able to work with exFAT system???

Thank you.

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Answer by nextodiusa2013-08-22
Hello! By the end of September, there will be a firmware upgrade to give full support to exFAT for the ND2730
Answer by Andrew2013-08-26
Wow! This is a great news! Thanks!
Answer by Dmitry2013-09-18
End of September which year? I have been waiting for this update for two years already. Each September.
Answer by nextodi2013-09-23
We are developing to fully support exFAT file system for ND2730.

but we needs more time to release it.

I can't notice the time of release.
But we try to release it by this Year (2013)
Answer by vectorcharlie2013-10-10
Any news on this update?
Answer by NextoDI2013-10-14
We almost done and in final test for V2.00 firmware release.
If no significant problem found during the test, we'll be able to release it during this month.
Answer by mysticalpics.ch2013-12-03
im waiting this update bevore i buy such a unit.
it seems you found significant problems in this update, otherwise you would be able to release it!
Answer by NextoDI2013-12-04
the new firmware released.

please check here.
Thank you.
Answer by Sebastien Benoit2014-04-19
Hi, I downloaded 2.02 and installed it, but the option to format to exFAT is greyed out. How can I format my 120GB SSD in the ND2730 to exFAT?


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