Questions by stkong2007-08-01
Files will "gone" if I use Firewire
Guys, anyone of you notice the files in the ND2525 will "gone" (still hidden somewhere in the HDD) if you use Firewire to connect to the device and preview the photos?

The files will start disappear after you have disconnect the device and reconnect it back.

And this won't happen if I use the USB cables instead of Firewire.

Just wondering anyone from here face the same problem as mine?

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Answer by NextoDI2007-08-03
Theoreticaly, we think it's imposible but we'll check your case because you told you see it twice.
To do that, we need detailed info including followings.

1. The firmware version.
2. Model info of your HDD
3. The OS of your PC
4. File size and file count in that folder.(If possible, send us one image file)
5. The name of the preview SW.
6. Directory structure of your HDD(You can snap shot it by pressing Alt+PrintScreen. Paste it at MS Power point)

And finaly let us know the procedure to generate the loss of file case.

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