Questions by Jim Chagares2013-06-25
Battery Charger 2730
I have been using 2700 for several years. Just purchased 2730. Is is possible to use the AC wall charger from the 2700 with the 2730?

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Answer by NextoDI2013-06-25
ND2700 operates with 5V power, we provide 5V AC wall charger for ND2700.

and ND2730 operates with 5V~12V power, we provide 5V or 12V AC wall charger for ND2730

so, you can use the AC wall charger with ND2730.

But if you want to use the AC wall charger from ND2730 with ND2700, first you have to check which voltage supported from the AC charger.

if it's 5V, you can use it for both units, or not you can't.

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