Questions by Steve White2013-05-10
1TB HD for NVS2525?

I have an NVS2525. Can I replace the internal 750Gb drive with a 1TB drive? Do you have any recommendations?

I have installed firmware version 1.53.

Thanks very much. Great device.

Steve White

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Answer by Guest2013-05-15
Currently shipping model is 750GB and this is maximum size you can buy at this time. If you open/disassemble the NVS yourself, it will be void manufacturer warranty. If I were you, I would not attempt of changing the internal drive myself.
Answer by NextoDI2013-05-16
NextoDI use 7200rpm HDD to guarantee fast back-up speed.

please don't replacement internal HDD yourself.
Warranty void if the Main unit is disassembled.

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