Questions by michael green2013-04-23
NVS2501 HDD Error
I recently updated the firmware on my Nexto NVS2501. Now whenever I power the unit on I get an Error message stating there is an HDD Error and I should connect an external drive for e copy.

I have connected it to the computer and found strange files on the HDD dating back from 1984 through to 2083!!! I presume these are whats causing the issue????

Many Thanks

A frustrated Mike

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Answer by Kim2013-04-27
Your internal hdd has a faulty, please contact your local distributor for a service. Full lists can be found here,
Answer by Chris2013-05-15
Ask your country distributor to upgrade your NVS2501 to SSD internal storage. SSD is 100% safe from physical shocks, knocks or shaking gestures. It sounds expensive at first sight, but you will love it once you feel how NVS2501 operates with SSD installed. Good luck!

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