Questions by Mark2013-03-24
Video Storage pro+ and USB card reader
I have a Nexto Video Storage Pro+ NVS2525 Firmware Version 1.53 and I would like to be able to back up SDHC cards I have recorded with my SonyEX1 camera to the device.

Is it possible to connect a USB card reader to the NVS2525?
I have tried connecting a USB Card reader to the Esate/USB Host Connector but I get an error message: "Unknown Device Remove Device".

Please advise how I can make this work, or if there are SDHC card adaptors that will work in tne ExpressCard or Cardbus Slots on this device.

Thank you.

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Answer by NextoDI2013-03-25
You can use a SD adapter,

Sony MEAD-SD01 Card adapter ExpressCard/34 - SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card - PC,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.44158598,d.aGc&biw=1230&bih=896&sa=X&ei=ApxPUe_iIaL_iAepvYHQBg&ved=0CI8BEPMCMAQ

Thank you
Answer by Mark2013-03-25
Thank you. I have tried using the same Express Card adaptor with the NVS2525 that I use in the Sony EX1, which is a Kensington 7-in-1 Media Card Adapter, but the NVS2525 does not recognise it.
Have you tested NVS2525 with the Sony Sony MEAD-SD01?
Thank you.
Answer by Mark2013-03-27
I have now tried with another adaptor, the Apiotek 24in1 Express Card.
The NVS2525 recognises that the Apiotek 24in1 Express Card in present in the slot, however, with an SDHC card inserted in the Apiotek 24in1 Express Card the NVS2525 gives the following error message:
Unknown Device.

If I insert the Apiotek 24in1 Express Card without an SDHC card in it, the NVS2525 gives this error message:

PEX error
Unexpected Removal
Error Number x2100 2000

In this thread:
It says that this Apiotek 24in1 Express Card DOES work and that the MEAD-SD01 DOES NOT work.

Please can you advise a SD to Express Card currently on the market that you have tested that definitely works with the NVS2525 Video Storage Pro+?

Thank you.
Answer by NextoDI2013-03-27
I am sorry to give you wrong information.

NVS2525 doesn't work with Sony SD adapter.

please give me your email address,
I will check it, and let you know it.

Thank you
Answer by mark_m2013-03-27
my email address is morreaux at
thank you very much

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