Questions by Mark Mc Cauley2013-02-20
NVS UDF 2525- not seen on mac using firewire 800
I've had this problem many times.
Connected unit to a mac via firewire 800. Nothing seen.
connect using the USB and the NVSpro is now on the desktop. USB is too slow for large transfers.
another bit of advice...Can you detail the exact esata drive to buy as the unit which came with the NVS PRO Plus package has failed and I cannot get another unit which can be seen/ formatted

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Answer by NextoDI2013-02-26
please check it with other PCs.
if it still doesn't work, please contact a distributor in your country.

about ext. eSATA HDD, please let me know you email address

I will contact you on email.

Answer by markmccauley@mac.com2013-03-10
HI Woon
my e mail is
Answer by Chris2013-04-27
You can buy the external eSATAp drive here - UK Authorised Dealer - or please see full lists of UK Authorised dealer lists here,

Kind regards,

Nexto DI UK

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