Questions by ADaly2013-01-08
Problems connecting NVS2525 to external hardrive
I am currently working on a television shoot and we are experiencing some problems with our Nexto DI Pro+. We have three Nextos that we are using, all NVS2525 models.
We can copy direct to the NEXTOs on their own but when we try to do the multicopy with the NEXTO connected to a 4TB G-RAID external hard drive by eSATA the NEXTO says it does not recognise the eSATA, tries to format it, and then fails (it says 'Unknown Error, Error No: 0x30005200) and powers down.
We have done this before with 2TB G-raid drives instead of 4TB so do not understand why this is not working - is it because of the size of the drive?
We also have tried using a 2TB G-Safe external hardrive - the NEXTO is recognising the drive and will start the multicopy but half way through the copy fails ('Unknown Error, Error No: 0x79FFEBFE).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by NextoDI2013-01-25
Nexto Product doesn't support external Raid system.
please us normal external HDD.

Answer by Chris2013-04-27
Additionally, read these requirements;

External drive need to meet this;
- Minimum capacity 128GB or above
- Maximum capacity up to 2.0 TB
- One partitions
- Raid is not supported

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