Questions by Peter2012-12-02
Once more: ND2300 firmware upgrade problem
Several times I tried to upgrade from v 1.21 to 1.25 concerning your video manual procedure.
First, the flashing looks very well but after a short time ( between 2 up to 32 % loading) following message appears: Error, download failed. Pls check power and USB cable.
I have changed the cable and connect the power supply additionally but the result was the same.
Please note: during flashing procedure the copy button has been pressed all the time.
What can I do, what is wrong.
For you help many thanks in advance.

Best regards
Peter from Germany

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Answer by NextoDI2012-12-06
It could be caused bad USB connection.

please check that the unit can be connected to PC.
Answer by Peter2012-12-07
Thank you for your answering.

I repeat it once more with same components and same procedure. After ten times - it was successfully. Why that?? I do mot understand it.
Best regards
Answer by Guest2013-05-08
That's very strange.
I'm a proud owner of ND-2300, 2500, 2700 and now, 2730.
NextoDi's firmware updating procedure is the most easiest thing to do.
IMO, your internal HDD got something wrong or corrupt files or structures though I'm not 100% sure, Good luck!

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