Questions by user2012-11-13
Cannot update firmware of NVS2500
When I want to update the firmware of NVS2500, I cannot put the firmware file in the HDD even memory card as well.

I would like to know what the problem is.

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Answer by NextoDI2012-11-13
Could you let me know more detail?
please download newest firmware from the Link.

and check Firmware_upgrade.pdf file.

and try to update it.

Thank you.
Answer by user2012-11-13
I have downloaded the most version firmware. I think that the problem is the HDD format. It is not either FAT32 or NTFS no matter I did the FORMAT process.
Answer by user2012-11-14
I have downloaded the most latest version firmware.
Answer by NextoDI2012-11-14
the Firmware must be in Root Directory of HDD or MEM.

If it still doesn't work, please contact a distributor in your country for RMA.

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