Questions by user2012-11-13
NVS2501 format error 0x71001011
I got a problem when I am using NVS2501. When I put the SXS Card in the NVS2501, the HDD display "Format Error 0x71001011". I can't fix the problem.

What can I do?

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Answer by NextoDI2012-11-13
Please let me know which camera you use.

some of camera using SxS memory card format it as UDF file system.

and NVS2501 doesn't support it.
Answer by Chris2013-04-27
Depends on Camera you use,

XDCAM EX1/3 or Canon C300 formats SxS in FAT, compatible with all NVS models except NVS-1501 Please note, It's not recommended to use NVS2525A UDF Special with non-UDF formatted cards.

PMW-200 or 500, Arri Alexa format SxS card in UDF, compatible with NVS-2825 (or NVS-2525A UDF Special) only

PMW-5 or 55 format SxS card in exFAT, compatible with NVS-2825 only

P2HD formats P2 cards in FAT, compatible with NVS-2825/2525/2501/2500

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