Questions by techie2012-10-16
ND 2300 and UDMA CF cards

I used my ND 2300 for about five years with my two 2 GB CF cards (Kingston Elite, 6 years old). Always satisfied, never had any problem.

I recently upgraded to a new camera and thus new big CF cards: Sandisk Extreme 16 GB UDMA and Transcend 16 GB UDMA.
When I insert the card in the ND 2300, the message "CF write fail" is displayed. Connecting a (new) CF card reader to the ND 2300 generates an error as well. The current firmware is 1.21.

Before going through the process of updating the firmware, the release notes of firmware version 1.22 states "Bug fix : 16CF compatibility issue resolve". Does this solve my problem?
If not, is there a solution so that I can use my new cards?

Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Guest2012-10-17
Time to upgrade your ND or stick to your old cards, , good luck~
Answer by NextoDI2012-10-22
the new CF : Sandisk Extreme pro (60MB/s or 90MB/s)
is not compatible with ND2300.

please update it with new firmware and test it again.
If it still doesn't work.

Thank you.

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