Questions by Jeff2012-10-05
Update not selectable

I got the instructions for incremental copy, thanks. When I try to use it, I can't select 'UPDATE'.

I put the card in the first time and then do a copy and verify.
I take the card out, take another shot and then put the card back into the ND 2730.
This time it recognises the card and has 'UPDATE' on the options but I can't select it.

Am I doing something wrong?



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Answer by Jeff2012-10-06
Here's an update. The problem is there with an SDXC card but not with an SDHC. I just tried with a 32GB Sandisk Extreme Pro and it worked beautifully, but my 64GB Sandisk Ultra won't.
Answer by NextoDI2012-10-08
SDXC formatted as an exFAT file system.
and Update mode only is supported only FAT32 formatted memory card.

Thank you
Answer by Jeff2012-10-08
Thanks. will it be supported in the future?

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