Questions by Charlie2012-09-26
UDF Special 2525 powers off saying "pc connection" on boot
Hi there,

When we power up our UDF Special 2525 it seems ok for about 5 seconds, then says "PC Connection" and powers off imnmediately! It does this whether connected to a PC or not.

We are on firmware 1.51 but can't update (if that's what is recommended) as it powers off before we can do the update).

Very annoying.

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Answer by Chris2012-09-26
I'm an user. By reading your descriptions, it seems like your device needed a repair. The "PC Connection" only displays when NVS connected to PC(or Mac) via FW800 or USB2 cable. Why don't you call your country distributor for a RMA, so they can take care of it. Hope this information helps.
Answer by NextoDI2012-09-26
It is totally correct...

please contact a distributor in your country for RMA.

Thank you.
Answer by Charlie2012-09-27
Oddly - I managed to update the firmware by connecting it to an external HDD, which gave me just enough time on boot to hit a button and move out of the primary screen. I did the update and it now doesn't power off, yet the symbol for "pc connection" is still on. PC connection itself works as normal.
Answer by Chris2012-10-02
You don't have to diagnosis this kind of problems, especially you're not doing correctly, this will be just wasting of time. As NextoDI suggested as above, contact your local distributor and get it repaired.
Answer by NextoDI2012-10-04
If it always shows 'PC connection" when it's on,
the unit must be damaged.
please contact a distributor in your country.
they can help you.

Thank you

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