Questions by Dmitry2012-09-22
New Firmware for ND2730
There is a new firmware for ND2730 that is great!

Still it does miss a very important feature.

When will you implement the promised support for files over 4Gb?

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Answer by NextoDI2012-09-26
We are underdevelopment for New product
and exFAT file system is used for it.

and then we will try to support it for ND2730.
the date will be next year.

Best regards
Answer by Dmitry2013-02-14
Good day again!

Any news about support of files larger than 4Gb for ND2730 ?

Please advise.

Best regards,
Answer by Dmitry2013-03-26
good day, any news about support of files larger than 4gb for ND2730?
best regards,
Answer by NextoDI2013-03-27
We try to make it working as exFAT file system now.

once it released, we will notice the information on Homepage.

Thank you
Answer by Marc2013-05-05
We are waiting for the too long for the promised exFat support. We won't buy any of your products again or recommend it. That really sucks!

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