Questions by Valerio2012-09-12
Auto Copy doesn't work on ND2730 1.12
Auto Copy is a feature which should copy your files from cards to ND2730, without selecting built-in menus.

That's true if you're backing up a card with new files only, but if you want to update a previous back up, parsing doesn't work and all your files are copied: new ones and old ones again.


Card empty
1) I take 2 photos and put my card into the ND2730
2) Auto Copy copies two files in a folder called 20120912.000
3) I take an additional photo on the same card
4) Auto Copy copies three files in a new folder called 20120912.001: now I've 2 folders with 5 files.

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Answer by NextoDI2012-09-13
If the Auto Copy mode is on, incremental copy doesn't work.
to use incremental copy, you have to make the mode off.

and I will check the error and let you know the cause.

Thank you

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