Questions by trublood2012-07-21
PEX error C300 & NVS1501
We are on location shooting a Canon C300 into CF. We are using the NVS1501.

The NVS 1501 powers up fine but when they insert the card they get:

PEX ERROR and a red circle with an exclamation point (!) and the error number:


this card will copy into a ND2730 but without preview confirmation we can not safely reuse the card.

This is a major worldwide production company and we would appreciate an answer quickly.

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Answer by NextoDI2012-08-01
There are one possibility with two results on this issue.
1. The CF pin bent, so cannot connect to NVS correctly.

If signal pin bent, then if the pin straiten, you can use it again.
If the power pin of CF slot bent and shorted, then it can cause power fail.
Pls check if the SD is OK or USB connection to computer is OK.
If the USBconnection to computer is OK, then it means no problem on power block.
You need to use light to check if the CF pin bent or no.
Answer by Chris2012-09-25
Check to see if CF card contacts pin are okay, as suggested above.
If this errors are not related to pin bent, then Upgrade your NVS1501 Firmware to the latest v1.52 or 1.53.
Hope this information helps.
Answer by isupplies2012-11-02
We were brought this unit. In fact the error was corrected by updating the firmware to the current level! After doing this, the card copied fine without a PEX error

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