Questions by Denis2012-07-17
ND2730 for all kind of backup

I want to buy ND2730, besides photo backup, for video files backup.

And I'm wondering, if I use the function Fast Copy or Copy&Verify the copy process will include all the card content no matter what type this is.

P.S. The latest firmware version support files larger than 4GB?

Thank you!

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Answer by NextoDI2012-07-19
ND2730 support backing-up all tpye of files from Memeory cards.

and the internal HDD formatted as FAT32 file system.
so files larger than 4GB doesn't be stored in ND2730.

Best regards
Answer by Gerard2012-08-09
Does the 2730 also support the Lexar 64GB 400x Compact Flash card?
Answer by NextoDI2012-08-10
The memory card is not tested with ND2730.
we recommend to use other memory cards.

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