Questions by Daniel Stricker2012-07-12
ND7000 battery not enough for a single 8GB card

My ND700 battery is weak and has a weird, unreliable, behaviour : after full charge, I try to backup a full 8 GB CF card with 1000 to 1200 photos. After about 500 photos, the battery indicator drops to half full, then after about 300 more it appears empty, and finally the backup fails before the end and the ND7000 just shuts itself down. If I wait a few minutes and switch it on again, it will display a full battery !

The ND7000 has not been used intensely, with less than 250 GB downloaded and the battery was charged less than 100 times.


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Answer by NextoDi2012-07-13
please contact a distirbutor in your country.

or you can purchase an internal battery from this site,'store'

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