Questions by olivier2012-06-29
Problem with ND-2730 and SSD, Exrem Pro memory card
I have changed hard drive for a ssd sata III ( OCZ ) and now it s impossible to read what there is inside ND-2730.
I have a scann disk extreme ro 32gb memory card.

Have you a solution ?



Sorry for my bad english !!!

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Answer by NextoDI2012-07-09
please let me know the error code or which letters are shown on LCD.

and ND2730 didn't tested with SSD.
(it tested with only Samsung SSD)
we recommend not using SSD for ND2730.
Answer by suibian2012-07-12
Mine seems to work fine (after the first two days at least) with a Crucial M4 512GB SSD. Any reason why Nexto doesn't recommend using an SSD with the ND2730?
Answer by NextoDI2012-07-13
there are so many manufacturer in SSD market.
and we don't test with SSD for compatibility.

we don't have plan to support SSD.
(ND2730 is made for working with HDD, not SSD)

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