Questions by Sebastian2012-06-12
ND2525 hdd failure
I recently bought the ND2525, which works perfect with my Wd 80gb ide hdd.

I wanted to expand and bought the Samsung hm160hc (160gb), pata.

The only message I get in the starting-screen is: 'V1.04 L, off"

How can I solve this problem? Hdd is brand new.

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Answer by Sebastian2012-06-16
I made a partition on the hdd and I formatted it to FAT32. Still not recognised...
Answer by NextoDI2012-06-27
ND2525 has a compaptibility issue with Internal HDD.
some of HDD works only Slave HDD (not work as a Master HDD)
ND2525 only recognized an internal HDD working as a Master.

If the Error is caused by this,
the PCB curcuit must be exchaged to use slave HDD.

please mail me :
or let me know your email address.

Thank you

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