Questions by Jim E2012-03-16
ND2700 USB problem
The USB port on my ND2700 has stopped working.
When plugged into a computor red leds illuminate. When "COPY" button depressed leds turn green and diaplay reads "PC <-> USB but PC does not find NEXTO. Have tried different computers and USB cables with no success. ESATA port works OK.

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Answer by NextoDI2012-03-19
It needs repairing.
please contact a distributor in your country.

Thank you
Answer by Jim E2012-03-19
Unfortunately there does not appear to be an Australian distributor.
Are you able to supply a replacement printed circuit board?
Answer by vectorcharlie2014-04-08
Hi! I have the same problem. Got the 2730 from Samy's camera in Los Angeles. Should I contact them or contact Nextodi directly?

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