Questions by Hans2012-03-09
Nexto ND 2730
Good morning!

I would like to purchase an ND-2730 photo backup device. Could you inform me about the copy&verify transfer speed please?

I think the maximal 70 MB/sec is only for fast copy.
The data verification how much time?

Regard: Hans

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Answer by NextoDI2012-03-13
Data verify speed is the same with copy speed.

Thank you.
Answer by Hans2012-03-13
Thank you!

In real life with a Lexar Professional 400x card how much is a copy speed?

Thanks: Hans
Answer by NextoDI2012-03-14
the verify speed is almost same with copy speed.
so If you select 'copy and verify' for backing up,
it needs double time than 'fast copy'.

If the speed rate in fast capy is 60MB/s,
the speed rate in copy & verify is arounds 30MB/s .

Thank you.
Answer by Hans2012-03-15
Thank you for information.


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