Questions by Flo2012-02-20
SDHC cards with the NVS2525

We have a Nexto NVS2525 and would like to use it with sdcards. Do you have any recommendation for a reader (expresscard or usb) or CF-SD Adapter?
I have tried Sonys MEAD-SD01 (SD Card Adaptor for XDCAM EX) which unfortunately does not work. I would think a Expresscard Adapter should bring the best speed, so do you have any recommendations?
Would the USB-Host Mode work as USB3 for external readers?

Expresscard Adapters:
Transcend TS-RDF1
Delock Expr Card 26in1 CardReader
Hama PCMCIA-ExpressCard-Adapter, 32 bit, 30in1


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Answer by Yanto2012-02-22
only jmb389 ic based adapters will work!
Answer by Visitor2012-02-29
Any USB card readers would work via USB-Host. None of Expresscard adapter would work. Better to use NVS2501 for SDHC or SDXC. Hope this info helps.
Answer by isupplies2012-03-09
The Sandisk Extreme Pro SDXC adapter will work with SDHC. We have a customer who owns many NVS2525's and this adapter. The adapter is jmb389 ic based. Sandisk has discontinued the adapter but there are still stores that have stock.
Answer by intsup2012-05-25
Hello this is Barry from NextoDI USA. We just finished testing the Apiotek 24 in 1 adapter to use now that the Sandisk is discontinued. It worked without even one failure in our testing
Answer by Mark2013-03-24
Please explain how to use a USB card reader via USB host for copying SD cards to NVS2525.
Thank you.
Answer by Mark2013-03-27
Hello Barry, if you are reading this, I have just tried a Apiotek 24 in 1 adapter in the NVS2525 Video Storage Pro+ Firmware 1.53 and this is what happens:

The NVS2525 recognises that the Apiotek 24in1 Express Card in present in the slot, however, with an SDHC card inserted in the Apiotek 24in1 Express Card the NVS2525 gives the following error message:
Unknown Device.

If I insert the Apiotek 24in1 Express Card without an SDHC card in it, the NVS2525 gives this error message:

PEX error
Unexpected Removal
Error Number x2100 2000

Please can you advise another SD to Express Card currently on the market that you have tested that definitely works with the NVS2525 Video Storage Pro+?
Answer by Visitor2013-05-08
Plug-in External battery pack to NVS2525 and switch on battery pack.
Insert a SD card into your USB Multi-Card reader (not expresscard type) then connect USb cable between the USB multi-card reader and NVS2525's bottom middle host port
It should work but you can't attach a 2nd drive (for Mcopy) while you're using the above methods
Answer by intsup2013-05-16
I just saw your post. Sorry for the delay. I think Apiotek has changed their controller chip, because now, with a brand new adapter, I am getting the same results you do. I know my NVS is good, because my SanDisk adapter still works fine-but is no longer made.

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