Questions by PaulF2012-02-16
N2700 and Mac Lion
My N2700 is not recognised by Mac OSX Lion, so I decided to upgrade the firmware to see if this could help.

However there is a problem. I have the 1.0 firmware currently and therefore I need to use the mac uploader to upgrade to the latest firmware.

However the mac uploader also does not work with Mac OSX Lion

So I am stuck, how can I upgrade my firmware?

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Answer by PaulF2012-02-16
I was mistaken about Lion compatibility. I can see the drive now.

However I still cannot update my firmware on the Mac, The Java uploader is very old, its not even compatible if I boot my Mac off of Snow Leopard. And because I have v1.0 firmware I cannot update from a memory card.

Please tell me how to update firmware from 1.0 - 1.9 using my Mac.
Answer by NextoDI2012-02-22
You can't upgrade the firmware for ND2700.
please use Windows PC.

or If your ND firmware is up to 1.08,
you can also make it upgrade using memory card.

Thank you
Answer by ChrisK2012-05-10
Under Lion, many of applications or H/W drivers do not work. I downgraded it to Snow Leopard to save lots of money.

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