Questions by Philippe2012-02-15
Incremental backups

As far as I know NVS1501 and ND2730 do not support incremental backups.

Do you intend to have this functionality available in the future?

If, yes, when and on which model(s)?

Thanks beforehand for your feedback.

Best regards.

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Answer by NextoDI2012-02-17
We don't have a plan for adding incremental backup to NVS series.
For ND2730, we do have plan for incremental backup and already done on it at the R&D level. But not included in the last firmware because it is not tested enough to release. We don't want people miss their data by adding this function. If you have a mind on volunteering this incremental test, pls let us know. We can send preliminary firmware.
Answer by George2012-02-28
I would like to try the incremental backup, and have emailed twice without any reply.
Please let me know where to address the email.
Answer by George2012-03-01
Any answer please, Nexto?
Answer by NextoDI2012-03-14
please contact -

Thank you

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