Questions by Sidney Lubitsch2012-01-12
Nexto NVS 2525 does not recognize CF cards
My NVS 2525 does not recognize ScanDisk Extreme pro 90mb/s 32 GB connected via the CF adapter. The error message is 010185-1978-2368 Unknown Device.
I'm using the CF card in a Sound Devices PIX 240 which uses the UDF file system.
Any ideas?

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Answer by NextoDI2012-01-13
the error could be happend by defective CF adapter or defective SxS connector (NVS)

please contact ""
Woon will help you.

Thank you
Answer by Joseph2012-01-26
If your CF card uses UDF file system, then you need to purchase NVS2525 UDF Special model. I'm assuming you have a Normal NVS2525 model. It only support FAT32 formatted SxS/P2/CF cards. Hope this information helps.

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